The washing machine-inspired windows at lyf one-north Singapore represent the development’s co-living idea

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CapitaLand Ascott Trust’s lyf one-north Singapore has woven the essence of co-living into every facet of its existence, from its collaboration with local artists for design inspiration to the meticulous tailoring of shared facilities and communal spaces, enriching the co-living experience. This exceptional property has earned the prestigious Co-Living Excellence Award at the EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards (EPEA) 2023.

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Nestled on 80 Nepal Hill within the one-north technology park, this project comprises two distinctive seven-story residential blocks seamlessly connected by a vibrant inhabited bridge. These twin blocks provide a home to 324 compact studio units, thoughtfully equipped with a comprehensive array of amenities and communal spaces, welcoming both residents and the wider public. Among its attractions are an outdoor amphitheater, a lap pool graced with a barbecue pit, and an outdoor activity area. The property also enjoys excellent connectivity to key districts through the Ayer Rajah Expressway, and it stands opposite the one-north MRT Station, just a single station away from the Buona Vista MRT Station.

Awarded to CapitaLand Investment’s wholly-owned lodging arm, The Ascott, by JTC Corp in 2018, the concept behind CapitaLand Ascott Trust’s lyf one-north Singapore envisioned a co-living development characterized by socially inclusive urban design, a thriving sense of community, and sustainable architecture. lyf (pronounced “life”), standing for “live your freedom,” has vividly brought this vision to life since the project’s completion last year, infusing a dynamic spirit of co-living and sustainability into every facet of its development. Following the success of lyf Funan Singapore, which opened in 2019, this property is the second lyf-branded co-living offering in Singapore.

Designed by the acclaimed architecture firm WOHA, known for their biophilic and sustainable designs, lyf one-north Singapore boasts a variety of vibrant and green communal spaces and facilities that promote community-building. The property’s design has been described as “refreshing” by EPEA 2023 judge Tang Kok Thye, associate partner with ADDP Architects LLP, and it is attracting a younger demographic to the district. The innovative design elements, including windows inspired by washing machines, have garnered attention.

Another judge, Angela Lim, co-founder of design studio SuMisura, praises the entire property’s design as “nice, funky, and interesting,” creating a robust co-living experience.

Guests and their friends can participate in events and market fairs at the property’s rooftop social clubhouse called Hang Out, or they can organize gatherings in the convertible function rooms that cater to small groups and larger-scale business functions. lyf one-north Singapore also curates experiential programs and events, such as meditation and yoga sessions, fostering a strong sense of community. Guests can bond further by preparing and cooking home-cooked meals in the social kitchen or collaborating in the ‘Connect’ social zones for co-working and collaboration.

The co-living property is home to the largest public cycling hub in one-north, offering 82 cycling lots, lockers, changing rooms, and shower facilities. The property’s barrier-free walkway, accessible washrooms, and strong visual cues cater to all users, including those with disabilities, promoting community building and active mobility while contributing to a car-lite neighborhood.

lyf one-north Singapore offers additional co-living amenities such as a shared kitchen area and a laundromat.

In addition to its design, lyf one-north Singapore incorporates sustainability into its features, including an energy-efficient facade and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment. The property leverages technology for eco-friendliness, with an automated building management system tracking electricity and water usage. Smart occupancy sensors in guest units enhance energy efficiency by automatically switching off air-conditioning and lights when rooms are vacant. Guests can use mobile apps to check in, unlock rooms, and make eco-conscious choices regarding bed linen and towel replacements. Natural ventilation is employed in common corridors and certain social spaces to reduce energy consumption, and external outdoor staircases further contribute to sustainability.

Staying true to its community-building theme, lyf one-north Singapore’s exterior features various textures and geometry to evoke a playful and light-hearted character. Local artists have played a vital role in designing the property’s facade, with a seven-story mural stretching over 25 meters in height, created by Singapore-based Colombian graffiti artist Didier “Jaba” Mathieu and local platform-studio Mural Lingo under the #lyfxart initiative. These art installations, thoughtfully curated to reflect the property’s location, culture, and heritage, adorn the entire development, including murals within the property’s apartments. These murals convey themes of innovation and communal living integrated with advanced technology.

Sky Seah, academic director and senior lecturer at NUS Business School’s Department of Real Estate, lauds lyf one-north Singapore’s innovative concept, noting its flexibility and co-working spaces that cater to modern work styles, aligning seamlessly with the live-work-play community of one-north.

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