The Mondrian Singapore Duxton reinvents the luxury hotel experience

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Hillock Green developer

The Mondrian Singapore Duxton isn’t a traditional luxury establishment. According to its general manager Robert Hauck, the newly completed hotel property is devoid of some of the amenities that make up a typical luxury hotel.

The structure at The Mondrian Singapore Duxton is different from the standard luxurious hotel. The reason for this is that it draws on its strengths. These include its central position in a fashionable upmarket shophouse district and its focus on guest engagement and a positive experience for staff.

Hillock Green developer Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd, Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd and UED Alpha Pte. Ltd, the consortium were awarded this site at Lentor Central, Hillock Green.

Hauck’s leadership of the hotel is as innovative as the art that fills the Mondrian hotel. He is proud to say that over fifty% of the employees in the new hotel are brand-new in the industry of hospitality.

“While an influx of travelers is embracing the experiential aspect of their travel plans and lifestyle-based itineraries, the core of travel remains exactly the same years ago. The most important aspect of a memorable journey is your interactions with other people while traveling,” says Hauck.

Mondrian Singapore Duxton is now open. Mondrian Duxton in Singapore Duxton is the brand’s first introduction in Southeast Asia, and the ninth Mondrian hotel worldwide. Mondrian belongs to Ennismore which is a group of hotels, lifestyle resorts, and co-working brands. It is owned jointly by Accor.

Boutique hotel

With just 302 rooms the Mondrian, which is managed by Accor, Singapore Duxton is an exclusive hotel located situated in the city’s Duxton Road neighbourhood. The majority of guests stay in the 237 sq feet rooms that make up 96% of hotel rooms.

There are just 10 suites available at the Mondrian which includes five suites ranging between 490 and 753 square feet within the hotel’s main block. The most notable suites are five shophouse suites, which vary between 538 and 1,377 sq feet.

The Shophouse Suites all occupy the uppermost floor of five 2-storey historic shophouses that are located in the hotel. They are located in a separate wing they are accessible via a garden courtyard at the top of the floor. Each suite has high ceilings, as well as separate dining, living and bedrooms.

Although it is elegant, the Mondrian Duxton is up against fierce competition from hotels with five stars within the region, including Sofitel Singapore City Centre, another luxury hotel managed by Accor. The hotel’s 223 rooms located in Tanjong Pagar boasts rooms of 409 sq feet as well as suites that span between 818 and 1,227 sq feet.

“With only 10 suites available at The Mondrian Singapore Duxton Hotel, we’re a little short of suites available compared to other nearby (luxury) hotel chains,” says Hauck. Hauck adds that it would be difficult for the hotel to compete on a profit per available rooms.

The aim once hotel operations are stabilized is to reach the average room cost of $350 per night. However, Hauck states that from the data thus far it is likely that the hotel will exceed that figure in the near future. So far, the hotel has had a record occupancy of around 80%.

In contrast to many of its peers it does not have meeting rooms or function halls available for lease-out to events. However, since its soft launch five weeks ago, a variety of tech and lifestyle brands have reserved its Shophouse Suites to host private launches or showcase events.

Guest experience

The main focus on the experience for guests at Mondrian Singapore Duxton can be found in to reduce barriers between hotel staff members and guests, encouraging a higher involvement that Hauck considers to be the ultimate luxurious experience that defines staying in the Mondrian.

The hotel has proved popular with residents and foreigners. Hauck says that guests range from young to those who are young and are attracted by the diverse ambience that the establishment has.

The entrance is through Duxton Road flanked by shops and rows. The majority of the ground floor is reserved for F&B such as Christina’s, a coffee shop that is artisanal during the day, and an evening wine bar. The place is Hauck’s go-to in the morning because a lot of people will pass through this area before they enter the lifts that ascend to the second level. “Over the last five weeks I’ve had the opportunity to meet many visitors, locals, and business owners in my work in Christina’s” Hauck says.

The reception area of the hotel is concealed behind the main restaurant Bottega di Carna, which occupies the upper floor and functions as the lobby at the front of the hotel. The second floor also has a courtyard, which connects to the shophouse suites. Also, around the covered with vines “secret” path is the bar that is known as”the Jungle Ballroom.

Accor is looking to expand the Mondrian brand to other countries. The hospitality company has lined up nine additional Mondrian hotels to be built in the coming years. For the Asia Pacific region, new Mondrian hotels will be built at Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia and Bangkok. Other destinations comprise France, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh.