Meet Japanese developers and real estate specialists on September 24 at FMI’s Japan Expo

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For more than a decade, FM Investment (FMI) has been a leader in the provision of complete end-to-end real property management and investment client services.

With years of experience with and around the Japanese property industry, FMI is hosting a Japan Expo at Shangri-la Singapore on September 24, Sunday. This is the only chance for Singaporean investors to meet with top Japanese developers and discover more about their plans and their specialties. Participants will also have an opportunity to hear from subject experts on a wide range of subjects, including investment and consumer guidance in Singapore to finance and local regulation concerns.

To Amous Lee, the CEO and co-founder of FMI the event, which lasts for one day showcases the company’s close connections with key players in Japan as well as the company’s goal to educate Singaporean investors on the untapped potential in the Japanese real property market. FMI’s COO, as well as partner Nicky So, will also be in attendance.

“Since we founded FMI back in the year 2014, the company has grown from strength increase its effectiveness, with a particular focus on its work in the Japanese real estate sector where we’ve assisted in connecting up-and-coming local developers to a wide range of investors from around the world,” says Lee. “This Japan Expo will be an opportunity to showcase the new and current clients of FMI which will highlight our strength and vast knowledge of Japan.” Japanese property industry.”

Focus is on building relationships

The Japanese real property market has been a draw for institutions, investment firms as well as smart retail investors, as it is characterized by top-quality properties in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Yokohama.

Making investments in Japan requires an knowledge of the geographic, economic as well as cultural issues that shape the country’s property segments. This could be a source of anxiety for all types of investors from abroad.

This is where FMI’s complete range of consulting services comes into. With teams operating in Japan and personnel who are front-facing from Singapore, FMI specialises in aiding investors, people, developers, and fund managers looking to increase the portfolio they have of Japanese properties.

“Together with our affiliate, FMI Japan, we can provide the most current information regarding developments in the market and investment developments that impact all areas that comprise the Japanese real property marketplace,” Lee says. Lee.

Over the decades, FMI has accumulated dozens of successful stories that have helped clients choose the right assets that fit their risk tolerance, directing their portfolios to earn high returns, and providing advice on strategies to recycle capital.

Mark Phooi, who invested in an in-block property with FMI Japan, says: “The FMI team was able to assess my needs for investment and aid me in finding the most suitable property to purchase. This has streamlined my decision-making process.”

FMI stands out due to its complete suite of end-to -end customer services, and a strong focus on managing relationships that includes asset acquisition to financial advice, portfolio management and disposals of assets.

“The FMI team were responsive to all my questions and gave me all the information about investments I needed. The most important aspect for me is that FMI is among the few firms I know that offers a full-service investment solution, including an exit plan” Phooi says.

He also explains that the level of customer support was a huge help in reducing the frequent issues with foreign property investment. “I have set aside a larger budget to purchase future properties in order to increase my Japanese real property collection,” He explains.

Paul Dunn, a Hong Kong-based investor, was awed by the breadth of knowledge in the industry that was displayed through members of the FMI team. “Beyond buying an investment property the FMI team helped me understand the potential of the investment and market which are crucial factors to consider when investing,” he says. He also adds that site trips to Osaka along alongside Amous along with his crew, significantly contributed to his knowledge of the area.

Dunn purchased a property at the Peak ChiyozakiOsaka Dome in Osaka with the help of FMI. Dunn is also planning to purchase two additional Japanese properties with FMI Japan in the coming months.

Japanese developer meet-and-greet

For the upcoming Japan Expo, attendees will be able to meet with a range of Japanese developers. Based on FMI’s close connections with top Japanese companies in development, FMI is bringing them to Singapore to discuss their plans.

“A objective for FMI was always to partner with experienced yet relatively unnoticed Japanese developers. While we keep a keen watch on the Japanese market for residential homes and the Japanese market, our teams frequently detect promising local development firms which are on a rapid development path,” says Lee.

The companies that develop in Japan Expo Japan Expo are listed and top companies that have an established track record as well as projects with a significant capital value.

The FMI’s Japanese partners is Takara Leben, a Tokyo-based real estate development business founded in 1989. It specializes in construction, planning, and sale of newly constructed condominiums in Japan and other companies in real estate leasing. Takara Leben has a capitalisation of JPY400 million ($3.8 million).

Another highly experienced Japanese developer that was brought in from FMI includes Nissei Advance Group. Established in 2001, the developer is located at Osaka as well as its commercial arm include distribution and condominium development as well as land-use businesses as well as financial and insurance planning.

“We are thrilled to offer the opportunity for Singapore investors to acquainted with these companies during the Japan Expo. The companies we have as Japanese partner companies are eager to connect with investors from Singapore. A number of them will announce their ventures for the very first time before an international audience of investors,” says Lee.

In addition, many Japanese projects will also be on display. They include three Osaka-based development that are located in Osaka – The Peak Namba Minami located situated in Naniwa Ward; The Peak Shinsaibashi Elite located within Chuo Ward; and The Marq located situated in Tennoji Ward. The project located in Kobe known as Advance Kobe Reysole, in Hyogo Ward, will also be displayed.

The attendees of the Expo will be able to get an exclusive look at a variety of off-market Japanese En bloc properties which are being listed with FMI Japan, and the possibility for investors to take part in the development and the possibility of future units.

Talks with the consumer

Attendees can ask questions of experts on the subject that FMI will fly in to for the event. They include Japanese-based bankers, solicitors from FMI’s Japanese-based department of buyers.

The most well-known guest speakers include Nobuhiko Inuzuka, a immigration lawyer who is an Administrative and Regulatory Solicitor and Koyo Shokuhin, the CEO of the Japanese construction firm Koueigen Co.

Lee adds: “We hope to drum consumers’ awareness of how to navigate the Japan property market by organising the various consumer seminars we’re hosting during the day. We have always had a goal to share our expertise and assist investors in educating themselves.”

These topics cover mortgages in Japan loans, loan qualification and documentation required and forecasts for the current interest rate climate in Japan and worries about the way that investing in Japan could affect existing properties that are located in Singapore.

The discussion will discuss how you can make the most of Osaka’s first integrated resort with a casino in Osaka and in-block properties in Japan and maximising the rental potential to earn passive income.

Lee will also impart his knowledge and experience from the inside. Lee and his co-worker So are experts in the field with an over 30 years working in international real market.

“Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive are most common mistakes that investors who want to invest in Japan must keep in mind. It could be anything from the kind of investment and what age the property they’re considering. Japan has a variety of rental laws that could make it difficult for first-time or experienced investors.” Lee says. Lee.

The FMI’s Japan Expo provides a unique opportunity for investors who are new to the market to get acquainted with the opportunities for investment that are available to investors in Japan. Investors who are experienced can also look for opportunities to expand their portfolios while networking with Japanese developers and experts and property purchasing agents.