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Situated in Singapore’s northeastern region, Ang Mo Kio, commonly referred to as AMK, is an established neighbourhood known for its lively community. Bounded by the Central Water Catchment Area on one side and Serangoon and Bishan/Sengkang on others respectively, AMK spans 27 hectares across seven different neighbourhoods – perfect for family life!

Before its modern developments began in the late 1970s, Ang Mo Kio was predominantly covered with forests and farmlands. Its intriguing name derives from Hokkien dialect; its translation means ‘bridge of the red-haired man” alluding to its bridge crossing the Kallang River or alternatively is said to refer to nine bridges connecting this area during the 1800s.
Before the beginning of the 20th century, Ang Mo Kio was sparsely populated. But due to rising rubber demand in the early 1900s, immigrant Chinese farmers settled here, living in traditional attap houses while devoting all their energy toward cultivating rubber plantations – creating an extensive rubber plantation landscape in Singapore.

Between 1922 and 1932, rubber prices experienced a precipitous decline, prompting many farmers to focus their primary agricultural activities on market gardening, poultry, and pig farming instead of rubber production. World War II brought on by Japanese invasion triggered further migration towards Ang Mo Kio as more people turned to subsistence farming as their source of sustenance.

Fast forward to 1973 and Ang Mo Kio had become Singapore’s 7th new town – marking an important landmark. Town council concept first implemented here in 1986 had an immediate and dramatic effect on local governance; due to its spacious housing units and abundance of green spaces, Ang Mo Kio won Outstanding Buildings Award in 1983.

Now, Ang Mo Kio is an increasingly vibrant residential hub, boasting more than 160,000 people as its population ranks as eighth highest. This neighbourhood offers family-oriented amenities and boasts an efficient transport network to make commutes a breeze.

Ang Mo Kio is home to an array of housing choices, from renovated HDB flats and apartments to condos. Residents find everything from shopping at Ang Mo Kio Hub for food and retail therapy to accessing other neighbourhood amenities well met. Residents will find their daily needs met.

Ang Mo Kio is poised for an optimistic future, with plans underway for a neighborhood upgrade program and addition of essential amenities that will boost its appeal to a wide spectrum of residents.

Improvements to schools, parks, shopping centres and family-oriented amenities will further accentuate Ang Mo Kio’s appeal – as will being Singapore’s inaugural pedestrian and cycling-friendly town – making sure it continues to captivate both homeowners and property investors.